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Company Profile
Company Name Biwako Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.(BBC)
Establishment May 22,1971
Launch of broadcasting April 1,1972
Representative Director & President Tadao Nishikawa
Capital fund 80 million yen

Head office

16-1, Tsurunosato, Otsu 520-8585 Japan


1971 Established.
1972 Launched broadcasting on April 1st,1972.
1974 Launched the special program “Mother’s volleyball tournament”.
1977 Built up a movement to refrain from using synthetic detergent.
1980 Our program ”Yomigaere Biwako”(Revitalize Lake Biwa) was accepted for broadcasting activities category in Kinki area of JBA Awards.
1981 Our program ”TV syuwa-kyoshitsu”(TV sign language lessons) was accepted for broadcasting activities category in Kinki area of JBA Awards.
1982 Launched the daily morning program”Ohayo Biwako”(Good morinig Lake Biwa).
1983 Our program ”Watashitachi-no-gakko”(Our school) was accepted for broadcasting activities category in Kinki area of JBA Awards.
1986 Organized the first “Biwako Honobono Awards” to celebrate our company’s 15th anniversary.
★This project had held for 33 years before it was renamed “Biwako Challenge Awards” in 2019.
1989 Organized “Boat of boys” that elementary school students in Shiga go from Osaka to Okinawa on a ship to study about Sea.
Launched multiplex broadcasting.
1991 Organized the first “Biwako dragon boat tournament”.
1996 Launched the early evening infotainment program “Burururubu Biwako”.
1998 Launched the weekly program “Interesting home room” targeting young people.
2003 Launched the first business program “The front line of Shiga’s economy”.
★This program was renamed “Shiga’s economy now” in 2005.
2006 Terrestrial digital TV broadcasting, data casting and one-segment mobile TV started on October 1st.
2007 Launched the report-type program “Walk in Omi”.
2008 “Aminchu-project”started.
2009 Changed the public nickname of our company to “Aminchu-TV BBC”.
2011 Completed the transition from analog to terrestrial digital TV broadcasting.
Released the movie “Smile bakkazu” that local character and citizen in Shiga took part in.
Organized the environmental awareness project “Yasu-no-ossan walks around Biwako” to celebrate 30th anniversary of “Biwako-no-hi”(Lake Biwa’s day).
2015 Broadcasted documentary program “Life in an underpopulated village”.
2017 Started the activities of protecting Lake Biwa and ocean for the future.
2019 Started the project to cut ocean pollution.
Organized the first “Biwako Challenge Awards”.
2020 Launched the first prime-time program “Omoro-Shiga Friday”.
2023 Joined the SDG Media Compact.